At a distance of 3 km from Kedarnath, Chorabari Tal, also known as Gandhi Tal, is a beautiful lake produced from the Chorabari Bamak glacier.Chorabari Tal is a small lake that holds crystal clear water. Perched at an altitude of 3,900 m above sea level, Gandhi Sarovar lies on the foot of Kedarnath and Kirthi Stambh peak. It offers magnificent views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.The original name of the lake is Kanti Sarovar. In the year 1948, some of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed here, after which it was renamed Gandhi Sarovar. According to mythology, this lake was the place where Lord Shiva imparted the knowledge of Yoga to the Saptrishis. There is a Bhairava Temple close to the glacier adjacent to a cliff known as Bhairava Jhamp. The cliff was a place where devotees jumped off, believing that it would bring them mukti. The practice was banned by the British administration in the 19th century.The lake demands a trek of 3 km and is visited in summer. It is advised to visit Gandhi Sarovar early in the morning, because the weather of this region changes rapidly. The 3 km trek commences from the iron bridge of Kedarnath and ends up at Gandhi Sarovar. The trek is easy and beautiful through grassy fields. There is a beautiful Madhu Ganga waterfall enroute to this lak.

Distance (From Kedarnath):

3 Kms

Transportation Options:


Trip Duration (Including Travel):

4 Hours/Half-Day

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Baba Kedar’s ‘doli’ leaves for Kedarnath Dham

The doors of Kedarnath Dham are to open on April 29. 43 years later, this time Baba Kedar’s Doli was taken from Gaurikund from Ukhimath. Earlier in 1977, Baba Kedar’s Doli was moved from Ukhimath to Guptkashi. At the same time, devotees also could not see Baba’s doli due to the doli going in the

The doors of Kedarnath will open on 14 May and Badrinath on 15

Dehradun. The orifice dates of Kedarnath and Badrinath being extended. This is basically the time this is certainly very first record that the time of opening associated with the doors changed. Now the hinged doorways of Kedarnath will start on 14 May and that of Badrinath on 15 might. Uttarakhand’s Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj launched

Kedarnath Luxury Helicopter Package for families and group

Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

Chardham Yatra by helicopter is arranged by the tour that is local travel operators and the helicopter services are arranged along with the personal and federal government aviation operators. Optimum of 6 to 7 pilgrims can take the pilgrimage of by helicopter. You will need to consult the tour operator about the most recent rates